Amy Dunker

Composer - Trumpet Player


Chamber Orchestra

Colors of the Wind (2006)

Fly Icarus Fly! (2006)

Insider/Outsider (2005)

Time’s Up (2006)

Visions (2006)


Large Orchestra

Imagine Dragons (2015)


Wind Ensemble

Flood! (2008)

Ice (2006)

Mythen (2008)

Nostalgia (2006)

Shriek! (1996)

Talking Points (2005)

Vesperis (2008)

When the Towers Fell (2006)



A Celtic Blessing (2005) (SATB)  mp3

A Day (2008) (SSAATB)   mp3

Ave Maria (2006) (SSA)

Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind (2006) (SSA + 3 Flutes)

Don’t Care!  (2008) (SAB)

Duérmete mi niña (2011) (SATB + Piano)

Dusk in June (2011) (SATB + Piano)

Hear My Prayer, O Lord  (2010) (SATB)

Lux Aeterna (2005) (SSA)   mp3

May Night (2011) (SATB + Piano)

O Magnum Mysterium (2006) (SATB + Organ)

Pater Noster (2006) (SATB)

Twilight (2011) (SATB + Piano)

What Cheer? (2006) (SATB)   mp3



Ba-Boom (2011) (Piano)   mp3

Calling, calling (2011) (Flute)   mp3

Fanfare from “Journeys” (2002) (Trumpet)Celtic

Chorale and Dance (2011) (Organ)

Chet (2011) (Trumpet)

Distant Light (2011) (Clarinet)   mp3

Distant Voices (2011) (Oboe)

Distance Within, The (2011) (Bassoon)

Doina (2001) (Guitar)   mp3

Eleventh Hour, The (1991) (Trumpet and Narrator)

Four Dirges (2001) (Piano)

Growl! (1999) (Trumpet)

Hush! (1997) (Trumpet)

If, Then (2006) (Violin and Piano)

Karnage (2006) (Trombone and Piano)

MO (1997) (Piccolo)

O’ (1997) (Flute)   mp3 (2005) (Piccolo and Piano)

Postcards (and Memories) (2011) (Trumpet and Piano)  mp3

Pounce (2011) (Guitar)

Prayer and Lamentation (2005) (Flugelhorn and Piano)

Prelude-Doina (2001) (Trumpet)

Rain (2011) (Piano)   mp3

Raven, The (2001) (Trumpet)

Satchmo (2011) (Trumpet)

Sevens (2011) (Alto Saxophone)

Slide Area (2013) (Trumpet and Trombone)  mp3

Slippery When Wet (2013) (Alto Saxophone)  mp3

Some People Just Play the Violin (2011) (Violin)

Stories to Tell (2011) (Tuba)

Three Minute Sonata (2005) (Piano)

Tundra (1997) (Piano)

Ugh! (2005) (Clarinet and Piano)

Uglier Than a Monkey’s Armpit (2011) (Trombone)

When the Walls Fell (2006) (Bass Trombone and Piano)



City Vignettes (2011) (Text:  Sara Teasdale) (High Voice, Oboe and Piano)

Dickinson Songs (2012) (Soprano and Piano)

Of Youth and Old Aga (2012) (Baritone and Piano)

Songs of Love and War (2007) (Text:  Jane McDonnell) (High Voice and Piano)

Songs of Summer  (2007)(Text:  Jane McDonnell ) (High Voice and Piano)

Teasdale Songs (2012) (Soprano and Piano)

Three Songs of Shattering (2012)  (Text:  Edna St. Vincent Millay)

             (Mezzo-Sopano and Piano)



Across the Continental Divide (2010) (Brass Choir)  mp3

Afternoons to Play (2011) (Bb Clarinet and Alto Saxophone)   mp3

Along the Wasatch Mountain Range (2010) (Trombone Quartet)

A Taking The Z Train (2002) (Two Violins, Viola)

Ceremonies (2006) (Brass Choir)

Circles and Shadows (2005) (String Quartet)

Dark Night of the Soul, The (2007) (Double Bass and Guitar)

Elegy (2011) (Woodwind Quintet)   mp3

Fanfare for One Uncommon Man (2011) (3 Trumpets)

Fantasy on “Christ Lag in Todesbanden” (1995) (Brass Choir)

Florisshen (2011) (Six Trumpets)   mp3

Four on the Flour (2005) (Flute Quartet)

Gasconade Fanfare (2011) (Four Trumpets)   mp3

Gerald Fitzpatrick Meets Patrick Fitzgerald (2011) (Two Pianos)

Heralding (2011) (Five Trumpets)   mp3

Heaven’s Tears (2006) (Flute, Bb Clarinet, Vibraphone)

In a Moment (2 Flutes, 3 Violins, Bells)

Legends:  Cries from the Plains (1994) (4– 6 Trumpets)

Light Into Matter (1998) (Bb Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano)

Lullaby for Gabriel (2005) (Oboe Duet)

Night Sky Dark (2003) (Trumpet and Drumset)

One Blackbird (2006) (Flugelhorn, 6 trumpets and Vibraphone)

Outside Down (2005) (Two Clarinets)

Paint (2003) (Two Pianos)

Remembering Eric Dolphy (2003) (Bass Clarinet and Alto Saxophone)

Revenge of Destructo Kitty (2006) (Percussion Ensemble)

Rivers (1999) (Four Bass Drums)

Smoke and Steel (2010) (Brass Choir)

Thunk!  (2011) (Flute and Alto Saxophone)   mp3

Trio Music for Trombones (2011) (Three Trombones)

White Moon (2011) (Bb Clarinet and Bb Trumpet)   mp3

Yellow Red Blue (After Kandinsky) (1998) (Bb Clarinet, Trumpet, Piano, Percussion)

zIntrada (2006) (Flute and Guitar)



Winter’s Edge (Bb Clarinet Duet)

Blue Orange Brown (Bb Clarinet Solo)

Over the Edge (3 Bb Clarinets)   mp3

Trans-Terminal Sprint (Bb Clarinet and Percussion)

On the Edge   (Bb Clarinet Duet)

Groove Merchant (Bb Bass Clarinet)  mp3